Control 25
Control 25 was Liverpool’s first one to one performance event. It was produced by All Things Considered in partnership with Hope Street Ltd. The intimate performances took place in every day spaces and places and invited audience members to surrender, share and take control of their experience as they went on a solo journey around the streets of Liverpool. The journey taken depended on the level of risk the audience member was prepared to take. The performances were themed thus: Remote Control, Birth Control, Pest Control and Passport Control.



This Must Be The Place 
A travelling family troupe brought their dying circus to Liverpool to perform for one last time. Not even they knew why they were here... they just were. After 5 months of intense training, working with international artists, Cocoloco, Suitcase Ensemble, Adam McGuigan, Draw&Code and many others, the Hope Street Emerging Artists took the lead and presented their own interdisciplinary performance including music, design, film, puppetry, clowning, bouffon and visual projection.



On Saturday 27th September 2014, 90 members of the public took part in the film noir inspired game Race Against Time. Participants were led through the streets of Liverpool in a murder mystery-styled challenge. The event was directed by Adam McGuigan (Barefeet Theatre) and visuals created by Draw and Code. 
Lead Artists: Adam McGuigan, Draw and Code, Olivia du Monceau, Jude Jagger, Matthew Groves and Christina Eddowes.

Audience Feedback:
"This needs to be done again!"

"A unique idea! Excellent"

"I hope this isn't the only show that is done!"

Spring Heeled Jack 
On Sunday 31st August 2014 we hailed the return of Spring Heeled Jack! Working in partnership with Suitcase Ensemble, a team of artists and community groups we presented a procession performance moving through the streets of Everton and into its glorious park. The event was inspired by local groups and residents in Everton.

Lead artists: Suitcase Ensemble, Liz Walker, Dave Young, Maria Malone, Clare Danon, Gill Smith, Mycroft Milverton, Beth Pinches and Helen Davies.

Audience Feedback:
"It has been fantastic, absolutely brilliant, thank you so much"
"Fabulous celebration of the history of the area"
"Great to see local people getting out and using the park"
"A nice surprise - need more of the same in Everton”

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Sense and Sustainability 

An immersive performance extravaganza, which took in the Bluecoat's much loved spaces in new and unexpected ways. This event discombobulated the audience's senses and sensibilities. This event featured the Emerging Artists Programme participants, the Young Everyman & Playhouse technicians, along with the Blueroom participants and scores of volunteers, during the launch of the FLUX young people's festival. It drew inspiration from the International Festival of Business's themed week of environmental sustainability.

Lead artists: Cocoloco, Draw & Code, Lois Maskell, Andy Frizell, Fiona Hilton and Christina Eddowes.



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