Schools’ Pageant
In partnership with the Liverpool Youth & Play Service, Hope Street delivered visual arts and creative writing workshops for 300 young people in seven schools around Everton Park (Whitefield, St. Vincent de Paul, Our Lady Immaculate, Kirkdale St. Lawrence, Gwladys Street, Faith and Beacon). The children created banners and leaves which represented their thoughts about regeneration and renewal, and in particular the future design of Everton Park. This was the first of five projects created as part of the Emerging Artists Programme. (Click the pictures to see the full albums)

Floating World 
Working in partnership with Tate Liverpool for the fourth time, we produced a two-part performance of music, theatre, film, design and installation as part of the Emerging Artist Programme. The production was inspired by the Turner Monet Twombly exhibition and also provided opportunites for Valley Youth Theatre, Contact Young Actors Company and Creative Alternatives to participate. The performance in Everton Park was inspired by, and utilised the stunning views of the landscape, the city and the river. 
Lead artists: Montserrat Gili, John Hering, Lois Maskell and Matt Kirton.

The Lost Games of Liverpool
This was the second production created as part of the 2012 Emerging Artists Programme. Directed by Peepolykus' Artistic Director, The Lost Games paid tribute to the UK’s hosting of the Olympic Games. This event also strengthened our partnership with the Young Everyman & Playhouse, providing performance opportunities for 10 young people, and Liverpool Community College, involving 40 students as performers.
“The parade was spectacular…Tremendous opening ceremony… Absolutely fantastic… It’s great and dead funny… I’m probably crying most of the time with laughter… Absolutely brilliant… Wonderful atmosphere… I think it’s a wonderful occasion. I come every year”.
Lead artists: John Nicholson, Olivia du Monceau, Veronica Kelly, Andy Frizell.

The fourth event produced as part of the Emerging Artists Programme project took the form of an interactive game, whereby participants solved clues that led them from one exhibition of the Liverpool Biennial to another. En route, gamesters and members of the public discovered performances, characters, films, music and visual installations. The game was played by 90 people and was seen by over 10,000 people. The game moved from Everton Library on to Everton Park and then to the city centre. 
Lead artists: Adam McGuigan, Kevin Pollard, Tristan Brady-Jacobs, Matt Groves.

Hansel & Gretel
The partnership continued with Unity Theatre to produce the annual Christmas Show for Primary Schools and family audiences. All of the emerging artists (actors and stage manager) were former Hope Street emerging artists and we provided further professional development for them during the project. The production saw the development of the partnership with the Design Department at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts (LIPA) and the beginning of a new collaboration with Action Transport Theatre. The show earned excellent reviews and played to capacity audiences during its 50 plus performance run.
Lead artists: Nina Hajiyianni, Jeff Young, Patrick Dineen, Phil Saunders, Julie Kearney.

Searching for the Stories
For the second successive year, Hope Street was commissioned by Liverpool Irish Festival to produce a site-specific piece of theatre around the Albert Dock and on the Zebu Tall Ship. Direction, set design and music was created by local professional artists with students from Liverpool John Moores University forming the ensemble.
Lead artists: Paula Simms, Andy Frizell, Rowan Watts.

Myriorama Project
The Clock Community Centre invited the organisation to deliver four workshops which resulted in several pieces of artwork that were displayed in the centre.
Lead artist: Gill Smith

Go With the Flow
'Floating World' led to a new partnership with Creative Alternatives – an arts on prescription project for adults with mental health issues. They worked with visual artists to create 3D sculptures inspired by the performance and by the Monet, Turner, Twombly exhibition. These were exhibited at the Tate.
Lead artist: Lois Maskell

An arts project in Everton for 10-18 year olds. This project, funded by Children in Need, encouraged young people to find out more about where they live and provided the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops in physical theatre, filmmaking and free running. hope street worked in partnership with the North Liverpool Academy who assisted with recruitment and hosted the workshops and sharing at the end of the project. The project aimed to engage 30 young people in the project, but recruited 58. 
Lead artists: Parkulture, First Take

Top & Tale
Suitcase Ensemble (one of our associate companies) secured Grass Roots Funding from Liverpool City Council to deliver three participatory and performance events engaging local people in telling stories about the local area through song, poetry, painting, collage etc. Hope Street financially supported the event held at St. George’s Church in Everton and provided an opportunity for us to update participants about the Jewel on the Hill project.
Lead artists: Tessa Buddle, Andy Gledhill, Beth Pinches



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