On the Verge 2015



by Ashe McDonnell, James Kirkham and Hope Street Ltd.

Here's a summary of the 2nd edition of the festival, from site-specific children's theatre, to short 1:1 experiences, to a performative auction:
Izzie and Dora - Flowerpot Women

Gleeful absurdity in a secret garden.
In a garden far away, in a world a lot like this one, in a conversation that has already happened, Eddie asks "What's it all about?" And Garland answers, "I don't know."
Audiences are invited on a gleeful journey through the triumphs and pitfalls of Eddie and Garlands time in the garden together. An existential piece about friendship, failure, and "getting on".
Dora Colquhoun and Izzie Major are a duo of artists with a surreal and extravagant sense of humour. Dora trained at Dartington, Izzie at Liverpool Hope. Both were born and bred in Shoreham-by-Sea and both have been through the Hope Street Ltd Emerging Artist Programme. This is their first show together.

Sophie Tickle and Kate Treadell - Monday…
Monday… is a solo performance to be incidentally happened upon in busy public spaces that physically explores a day in the life of one person taking everything life throws at her as a gift; juggling everyday tasks; considering where she has come from and where she is going to and trying to find the balance between adhering to the 'ideal' and trying to get everything she wants to out of life. Check brochure for times and locations.
Sophie and Kate's relationship developed at Exeter University where they both studied Drama. Since graduating Kate went onto complete a MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths University and Sophie is currently the Lead Dance Artist and Project Manager for DanceSyndrome. 

The Lemon Collective - AlieNation
Abduction game in a derelict basement.
'AlieNation' is an interactive and immersive performance that challenges audience perspective and questions the personal connection between technology and theatre. Visitors are invited to explore a multi-sensory environment that continuously transforms through projection, sound and light, transporting audiences to a far off galaxy full of eccentric inhabitants and cryptic challenges.
The Lemon Collective is a cross art-form group that seek to create new and exciting productions, exhibitions and events through collaboration.
Amy Conway - I-HAPPY-I-GOOD 
 I-HAPPY-I-GOOD is an immersive, one-to-one, promenade theatre experience that explores sensory deprivation, pushes the boundaries of intimacy, interrogates the difficulties inherent in the provision of social care and challenges how we interact with the world. I-HAPPY-I-GOOD takes one audience member at a time and guides them through the thoughts and everyday experiences of a fictitious "Fiona", a woman with deaf blindness.  
Amy Conway is the second of two artists from Scotland selected in partnership with Conflux.   

Are we there yet? - This is Not An Office
Monstrous adventure for kids, in an office. 
This is Not An Office is theatre for children and families, set in a boring office. The audience are told a story about the world where magical characters live and how a monster is terrorising them all. Before we can finish the story, we realise the monster is IN the office and we must find him! So the adventure begins…
Are We There Yet? is a theatre company dedicated to making exciting, immersive story-telling experiences for children. Directed by Sarah Eastaff, their work is focused on adventures in unusual spaces, finding fun in the ordinary and embracing everybody's imagination. 

AR-Tea Collective - HeartBrokers
Auction off your unwanted memories.
Faced with the dilemma of what to do with your ex's stuff after a break up? 
Join us for a cringe-worthy and competitive auction, where the items for sale are the mementoes that document the romantic history of Liverpool.
An experience in two parts that runs throughout the festival; you can share your stories and relinquish the objects that remind you of heartache, and then gain closure (and wardrobe space!) by watching them be sold and rehomed in a live performative auction. 
AR-TEA Collective is an emerging performance company based in Liverpool, which is a creative partnership between Amber Regan and Lora Johnson. Their work is intimate, impulsive and over-indulgent. They use humour as a tool to delve into intimate memories, creating experiences that are cathartic and authentic. 

On The Verge 1:1s
3 short but intense experiences with one performer and one audience member.

Spectrum Collective - UandInal
This one-on-one piece set in a public toilet is an exploration of relationships in response to repeals in the law surrounding same-sex marriages and will explore the uneasy journey taken from the public toilets of the 1950s to the current state of freedom to marry.
Spectrum Collective is LIPA graduates Stuart Crowther and Callie Williams. The company aims to explore a variety of different performance mediums, focusing on sensory and aesthetic experience, with the aim of creating accessible performance for all in non-traditional spaces. 

Lewis Sherlock - Forgiveness from the 'art(s)
The non-conventional Confessional Box where artists and art enthusiasts alike come and seek forgiveness for their artistic sins no matter how grave or mundane they may be. Single audience members will be invited into the cathartic process of expunging their artistic burdens.
Lewis is one of two artists selected from Scotland in partnership with Conflux. 

Bethany Sproston - Drive by
Drive By is a one-to-one performance piece set in a car. Drive By immerses the participant/audience into an environment where all senses are opened up and directed by his or her responses, the performer makes each performance unique to the individual involved. 
Bethany Sproston has just graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA Honours in Drama. Usually working behind the scenes as a production and stage manager, this is her first directing debut.

On The Verge Panel Events

FREE and open to everyone, our On The Verge Panel Events provide a rare opportunity to listen and talk to people who are experts in their fields, currently working in the industry and who have plenty to say about performances in unusual spaces! 

DISSEMINATION Focusing on how to make your work known, where to go, who commissions this type of work, marketing, selling, who the audiences are, and much more.

TRANSFORMATION Looking at the challenges of working site-specifically, site-responsive work, taking over public spaces and whether this kind of work can tour. 

IMMERSION Focusing on the audience experience, the audience/performer relationship, interactive work, games, one-on-one experiences and posing the questions raised by this kind of work about the nature of performance itself.



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