Hope Street will soon be needing more volunteers for its On the Verge festival, so if you are interested, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., stating what your area of interest is, eg administration, stewarding, production, stage management etc.
Much of our success and national reputation is thanks to the scores of volunteers that contribute so actively to the work we create, and we place an exceeding high value on the contribution they make. Hope Street's Volunteer Policy states that the ‘partnership’ must be mutual and that ours must match their offer. Thus, in return we help volunteers increase confidence and/or gain skills.
Hope Street's Current Volunteers 

Lora 'Dawn' Johnson, as Assistant Producer for On the Verge 2017, has saved Hope Street's Creative Director from falling into madness, on more than one occasion. She has been a part of the On the Verge team since we began selecting companies, and an instrumental part of the process; her highly competent organisational skills and her calm manner made her a key part of the team from the start. Furthermore, we love that the first thing she does on arriving in the office is to make us a perfect cup of tea!
Lora is also an alumna of the very brilliant Edge Hill University, graduating in 2012 with a First Class Honours Degree in Dance and Drama with Physical Theatres. She wants to create theatre that is funny, cathartic and directly engages its audiences by using unusual spaces. Lora was selected as one of the companies in On the Verge 2015, with her creative partner-in-crime Amber, as AR-TEA COLLECTIVE. Together they created ‘Heartbrokers’ - a theatrical auction-game presented at the Victoria Gallery & Museum, where they auctioned off real, donated objects that had been left behind after heartbreak!

Alice Lapworth is an emerging movement maker with versatile skills across the arts.  She graduated from Edge Hill University with a First Class Honours Degree in Dance and Drama, where she established her passion for Physical Theatre, Contemporary Dance and Clowning. Throughout university, Alice toured with 3rdEdge Dance Company as a performer and rehearsal director. After graduating, she gained the role of Movement Director on Hope Street’s Emerging Artists Programme, where she played a significant part in devising six performances. After working with a wide selection of Directors and Movement Directors, Alice is looking forward to broadening her movement experience and continuing to make her own work as a director and choreographer.

Steffi Sweeney recently graduated from University with a BA Honours in Performance. She is a keen singer and recently developed skills in stand up comedy. She has progressed to Hope Street's Emerging Artists Programme where she worked on "TENT!", "The Many Faces of Francis Bacon", "The Last Utopian", "The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe", and "Changing Landscapes". During the Emerging Artists Programme as an actor, Steffi has learnt new skills in mask, clowning, movement and devising, all of which she hopes to utilise in creating new work in the near future. 


Hope Street is a charity and we rely on public funding to deliver our exceptional programmes for free. Please show your support by giving what you can: